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Born in South Africa of Italian parents, grew up and served in the South African Defence Force, as an officer of the Paratroopers, fought in the Border War from 1974 to 1981, then transferred to Pretoria as a counter-terrorist officer, left the army in November of 1991 with the rank of Colonel, and moved to England. Hold a Doctorate in Law, from Cambridge University, which I completed while in the army, at the University of Pretoria, faculty of Law, and am a Laureate of Ancient History, degree taken in 1996 at Cambridge University in the UK. At present I have my own business, and I am a specialist in Military Consultancy and Defense Procurement. Though I am also a registered member of the Bar in the UK and in Switzerland, I deal with very selective cases mainly concerning abuses of power by Governments. In the last 3years I have given lectures in Roman History in several Universities, but have refused fixed positions for lack of time. On a more personal basis, I am a passionate Martial Artist, avid reader and writer, love horse riding, scuba-diving, sailing and sky-diving.
As from February of 2009 I relocated to Switzerland, where I have settled down permanently. I am single and have no children.

These few words are my brother, short and direct. And yet there is a lot more to him than people will ever realize. In a way his life was an eternal struggle to find an inner peace that I honestly hope he found in his last moments. For a man of no professed religion, he lived life more religiously than a lot of so called religious people I know. He was a good person, and a very generous man, who gave without ever asking anything back. So for all of you in the future that read his articles, as they will be kept on Newsvine for others to see, as he would have said "read between the lines".
Valerio and Gwendy Privitera

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